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Shengqiang Electronics Co.,Ltd was founded in Changan town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province in 2014,which is a high-tech enterprise,specializing in optical products making,with an area of 10000 square meters of plant.As an Original Design Manufacturer,our company is dedicated to manufacture and export high quality optical products.The products from our company are extremely well received by the markets in USA,Europe and East Asia ect.,Now,the products are categorizedin Optical Lens,optical instruments and relative molds,which are widely used in automobile industry,photographic industry and security industry etc., The Company has strong capabilities in R&D and manufacturing.With great reputation among its customers worldwide, the company has extended its market in many countries and regions and has become the most important supplier to many customers domestically and internationally. All in all,our company has gained the trust of our clients by providing quality products and services as well as the competitive market prices.People oriented is our core culture,Harmony and win together,innovation,sustainable development is our management concept.Realistic trust is our faith.We sincerely appreciate our client's continuous trust and we always aim higher to achieve better in the future.
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  • 09 2021.06
    With the increasing popularity of surveillance cameras in life, people are increasingly aware of the safety and convenience that surveillance cameras bring to our lives; but at the same time, some misunderstandings about cameras have gradually been caught by the public. Spread. Especially for some cameras that are used at night, because their use environment is mainly at night or places with poor light, everyone will know less about it. 1. The night surveillance camera only has black and white images In fact, in actual applications, in addition to black and white, night-use surveillance cameras, infrared color vision effects have also begun to spread. With the development of low-light and ultra-low-light technologies, as well as the progress of related technologies and chips, most cameras can also achieve full-color functions at night, and whether the night vision effect is good and whether they have full-color functions has become a measure of surveillance. An important indicator of the camera. 2. The technology of night vision full-color cameras is the same There are three main types of mainstream night vision technologies: starlight, black light, and low light level; starlight technology relies on image sensors, black light relies on fill light, and low light level relies on algorithms. 3. Night vision surveillance cameras can see more clearly during the day The imaging of a surveillance camera depends on many factors, such as depth of field, wide dynamics, resolution, weather, etc., so comprehensive evaluation is required. The night vision function of the camera cannot change the above factors, so the low-light technology will not change the effect of the camera during the day. 4. Performance is everything Many users only look at the camera parameters when buying a surveillance camera. Most people think that the parameters of a surveillance camera can often determine i
  • 21 2021.05
    The zoom lens refers to the continuous change of the focal length of the system by changing the interval between two or more lens groups of the system while the image plane remains still, and the target is found when the zoom is small and the field of view is large, and the target is found when the zoom is large and the field of view is small. Identify the purpose of the target. In a motorized zoom lens, motorized refers to the use of the DC motor of the lens to achieve functions such as zooming, focusing, and switching between day and night or through fog modes when remotely controlled or programmed. In the security monitoring industry, the electric zoom lens is the earliest type of zoom lens that can remotely adjust the focal length and focus. Electric zoom lenses can be divided into two variable electric zoom lenses according to the number of variable components; three variable electric zoom lenses. The two variable electric zoom lens means that the focal length and focus can be changed by a motor, and the iris is automatically controlled by the camera drive signal, that is, the automatic iris. The three-variable electric zoom lens means that the three parameters of focal length, focus, and aperture are all driven and changed by an electric motor. The magnification, zoom ratio, and zoom ratio in a zoom lens refer to the ratio of the focal length at the long focal end to the focal length at the short focal end. Zoom lenses with a magnification of more than 10 times are generally referred to as large zoom lenses; conversely, zoom lenses with a magnification of less than 10 times are generally referred to as small zoom lenses. There are three types of zoom lenses according to the maximum imaging circle size: 1/3", 1/2" and 1".
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