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Shengqiang Electronics Co.,Ltd was founded in Changan town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province in 2014,which is a high-tech enterprise,specializing in optical products making,with an area of 10000 square meters of plant.As an Original Design Manufacturer,our company is dedicated to manufacture and export high quality optical products.The products from our company are extremely well received by the markets in USA,Europe and East Asia ect.,Now,the products are categorizedin Optical Lens,optical instruments and relative molds,which are widely used in automobile industry,photographic industry and security industry etc., The Company has strong capabilities in R&D and manufacturing.With great reputation among its customers worldwide, the company has extended its market in many countries and regions and has become the most important supplier to many customers domestically and internationally. All in all,our company has gained the trust of our clients by providing quality products and services as well as the competitive market prices.People oriented is our core culture,Harmony and win together,innovation,sustainable development is our management concept.Realistic trust is our faith.We sincerely appreciate our client's continuous trust and we always aim higher to achieve better in the future.
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  • 16 2021.01
    Whether the lens selection is appropriate or not is directly related to the quality of the image quality. Therefore, in actual applications, only the type of the lens and its application method can be known, and the characteristics of the application can be known to achieve the best imaging of the lens. According to the current domestic classification methods, shots can be roughly classified into the following ten types. 1, fixed aperture lens: Fixed focus and fixed aperture, mainly used for ambient light fixed place; 2, manual iris lens: fixed focus but the aperture adjustable, mainly used for fixed ambient light but uncertain places; 3, automatic aperture lens (DC-drive): Fixed focal length, using a DC voltage drive for a fixed range of ambient light variability; 4, Automatic aperture lens (Video-drive): fixed focal length, using a video signal to drive a fixed range of places for environmental light variability; 5, manual aperture zoom lens: mainly used for indoor environment with varying degrees of light and range of different sizes; 6.Automatic iris zoom lens: It is mainly used in the outdoor environment where the ambient light level is variable and the range is not the same; 7, on-board lens (on-Board): to match the infrared camera, indoor and outdoor are applicable; 8. Fisheye panoramic lens: It is mainly used in places where the ambient light level is uncertain and the size of the range is specific; 9. Electric zoom lens: It can remotely control the focal length and aperture of the focal length. It is mainly used in places where the indoor and outdoor ambient light is indefinite and the depth of field range can be adjusted according to requirements. 10. Pin-Hole: It is mainly used for hiding monitoring and places with uncertain ambient light and a specific range. From the above lens classi
  • 08 2021.01
    A wide-angle lens is a photographic lens with a focal length shorter than a standard lens, a viewing angle larger than a standard lens, a focal length longer than a fisheye lens, and a viewing angle smaller than a fisheye lens. The focal length of an ordinary wide-angle lens is generally 38-24 mm, and the viewing angle is 60-84 degrees; the focal length of an ultra-wide-angle lens is 20-13 mm, and the viewing angle is 94-118 degrees. Since the focal length of the wide-angle lens is short, the viewing angle is large, but the depth of field is very deep, it is more suitable for taking photos of larger scenes, such as architecture, landscape and other subjects. In the process of panoramic shooting, when more detailed image requirements are required, photographers will choose a better quality wide-angle lens to obtain a more delicate picture. Features of wide-angle lens The basic characteristics of a wide-angle lens are that the lens has a large angle of view and a wide field of view. The range of the scene observed from a certain point of view is much larger than that of the human eye at the same point of view; the depth of field is long, which can show a considerable range of clarity; it can emphasize the perspective effect of the picture, and is good at exaggerating the foreground and expressing the scene. A sense of distance, which helps to enhance the appeal of the picture. Basic performance of wide-angle lens The wide-angle lens has a large field of view and can cover a wide range of scenes. The so-called range of angle of view is large, that is, at the same point of view (the distance to the subject remains the same), three different focal lengths of wide-angle, standard and telephoto lenses are used for framing. The result is that the former can shoot more up and down, left and right than the latter.. When the photographer has no retreat, if the 50mm standard lens
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