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Shengqiang Electronics Co.,Ltd was founded in Changan town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province in 2014,which is a high-tech enterprise,specializing in optical products making,with an area of 10000 square meters of plant.As an Original Design Manufacturer,our company is dedicated to manufacture and export high quality optical products.The products from our company are extremely well received by the markets in USA,Europe and East Asia ect.,Now,the products are categorizedin Optical Lens,optical instruments and relative molds,which are widely used in automobile industry,photographic industry and security industry etc., The Company has strong capabilities in R&D and manufacturing.With great reputation among its customers worldwide, the company has extended its market in many countries and regions and has become the most important supplier to many customers domestically and internationally. All in all,our company has gained the trust of our clients by providing quality products and services as well as the competitive market prices.People oriented is our core culture,Harmony and win together,innovation,sustainable development is our management concept.Realistic trust is our faith.We sincerely appreciate our client's continuous trust and we always aim higher to achieve better in the future.
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  • 13 2021.05
    The quality of the lens is a key factor affecting image quality, and digital cameras are no exception. Although the resolution of digital cameras is limited, in principle, the requirements for the optical resolution of the lens are relatively low. But on the other hand, because the imaging area of a digital camera is small, a lens is needed to ensure a certain imaging quality. For example, for a certain object, 200 pixels are required in the horizontal direction to perfectly reproduce its details. If the imaging width is 10mm, a lens with an optical resolution of 20 lines/mm is sufficient. If the imaging width is 1mm, the optical resolution of the lens must be higher than 200 lines/mm. On the other hand, traditional films are more sensitive to ultraviolet rays, and usually need to install an ultraviolet lens when shooting outdoors, while CCDs are more sensitive to infrared rays. Adding special coatings or additional filters to the lens will greatly improve the image quality. The physical aperture of the lens must also be considered. Regardless of its relative aperture, the larger the physical aperture, the greater the luminous flux, the better the digital camera's acceptance and control of light, and the better the image quality.
  • 28 2021.04
    On most competition, fixed-focus lenses with different ultra-long focal lengths are used on the sports field to facilitate the shooting of the athletes' heroic posture. However, because there is a certain range of competition, photographers need to use a telephoto lens to shoot, and because zoom lenses often cannot focus quickly and accurately and sharply focus on, photographers prefer to use fixed focus lenses. And it should be noted that the use of flashing lights is prohibited in most competitions because it will affect the performance of the athletes. If necessary, the sensitivity can only be increased to make up for the lack of flash. Shengqiang Electronics Co.,Ltd was founded in Changan town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province in 2014,which is a high-tech enterprise,specializing in optical products making, with an area of 10000 square meters of plant. Our Main Products: cctv lens, camera lens, lens module optical lens, encoscope lens, zoom lens.
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